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Nothing can make or break the sound of your performance, your rehearsal space, a recording venue or a home entertainment system more than room acoustics. You may have the very best instruments, speakers, amplifiers and recording equipment and you may have placed it all perfectly in your space, but if your performance/recording/listening room has poor acoustics, you’re really facing an uphill battle.

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What you want to do is create a room that is neither too “live” nor too “dead.” A “live” room is a room with a preponderance of hard, reflective surfaces. Lot of exposed glass windows, hardwood floor, things like that. The room sounds like your high school gymnasium—things seem to echo forever. Those excessive echoes make it hard to distinguish between individual instruments and vocalists in the music. Everything smears together in a harsh cacophony of overly-bright, hard-edged sound.  The original warm, organic sound is lost and you’re left with a shrill, indistinct, tinny caricature of what the music should sound like.

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There are times when you just need absolute detailed sound measurement and we at AVDC provide this service.If you are planning any type of litigation or motion in regards to disturbance caused by noise your iphone is not going to cut it " you need professional documented measurements that can hold up in court. Acoustical Design At AVDC we work with a large array of design professionals from Architects and city planners to homeowners and movie theaters. If you require detailed design work in Autocad or Revit we have you covered. Acoustical Installation Installation is not only one of our favorite things we are just simply great at it. You would be amazed at the difference some simple acoustic work can provide a space. from simple fabric panels to elaborate ceiling systems AVDC can do the job. Sound Proofing Sometimes the only solution is stop the noise and we can help with that just give a call and we can go over the formalities with you. Out of all the calls AVDC receives this is by far the #1 thing people get confused with is sound proofing vs noise control. Noise Control Often confused as sound proofing noise control is an entire different set of rules and requires a good amount of planning and coordination. Far to much to explain in this little area , If you require assessment and NC planning please call the office and please have drawings available for review. Custom and One-off solutions Over the years we have been asked to provide acoustical solutions for some crazy stuff.We do have the facilities and space to build just about anything so if you fall into this category don't hesitate to ask " we are always up to a challenge.

Sometimes there’s not too much you can do about a performance venue, especially in a large space that wasn’t intended for musical/spoken word productions. There are some good portable sound absorption panels that you can place around a small club or coffee house (depending on the owner’s consent and practical seating/safety considerations, of course!) to counteract the overly reflective nature of the interior brick walls commonly found in such spaces.

Audio Visual Design Consultants.LLC

It is important for architects to understand what sound levels are acceptable in different types of spaces. In addition, they need to understand which sound level measurements are relevant to what is trying to be achieved. We will cover the different sound measurements and end with a chart addressing the various levels of acceptability.

Audio Visual Design Consultants (AVDC) specializes in the audio visual & acoustical design, engineering, installation and servicing of simple to complex integrated A/V systems.

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