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Audio Visual Design Consultants (AVDC) specializes in the audio visual & acoustical design, engineering, installation and servicing of simple to complex integrated AV systems. We have extensive experience in installing integrated systems in executive boardrooms, command briefing rooms, briefing theaters, and auditoriums.  We specialize in integrating acoustical & audio visual systems into all commercial environments including corporate, public and educational sectors in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland.Our audio visual solutions are used to enhance the effectiveness of communications for a variety of applications ranging from video conferencing suites and general meeting rooms to boardrooms and broadcast quality auditoriums. We Just do it in a way that you and your coworkers can actually understand and enjoy.

Lets talk about some common Problems

No Audio or Poor Sound Quality: This is by far the #1 complaint we get 

I cannot get Zoom or Teams to work :

No Video or Poor Image Quality:

Sync Issues (Audio/Video Desynchronization):

Projector Issues:

Microphone Problems:

Power Issues:

Compatibility Problems:

Environmental Interference:

Screen Display Issues:

These are all very annoying and stressful issues to deal with especially if there is a large meeting planned let’s say in 30min from now ” Lets also add the fact that 3 other offices will be joining Via ZOOM. 

Now Let’s Talk about Reasons 

Often this is a training Issue: The end user was simply just not provided the training necessary to utilize the system as intended.This is also relevant with new hires” it’s just unrealistic to assume a new hire is going to come in and understand anything especially if no manual was provided that simplifies the systems use.

Over Engineered: This is more common than you would think. Since there was no actual scope provided to the engineer that person decided to re-engineer the space shuttle and install it in your conference room when a simple table system was all that was needed. Sometimes Less is more”

Bad Programming: Yuppp I said it .. Did you know that almost all A/V companies sub contract programming out because it’s just so labor intensive the amount of research and updated study is never-ending.It’s that communication gap that causes issues and when your system programing is bad your just pushing a boulder uphill.



But what about Solutions ?

Like we said A/V doesn't need to be complicated

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