Who is AVDC

The Shop


AVDC is located on a 5 acre farmette  in Frederick MD. We moved here in 2015 because we needed a better way to serve our customers and we needed space and lots of it. When you doing large projects you needs lot's of space for building systems , prototypes etc this allows us all the space we need without paying the insane rent that most of our competition needs to factor into there costs. And it's beautiful we have it all including , Hawks , Deer , Turkeys, Ducks , Rabbits , Fox if it has four legs it's here in abundance.

The Man


Eric Prepscius has been in the Audio Visual business for 30 years. He has been part of some of the largest projects in the world and has worked for some of the largest companies also.With over 6000 rooms completed in 16 countries Eric is well known as one of the finest installation people in the business.Eric still works on every project possible regardless of size.He will never be the office guy and that's just fine with him. 

The Crazies


Just as their name implies these are the crazies and they are involved in everything that goes on here. From UPS deliveries to building systems they get involved 100% unless there are heard of deer around which they will then be chasing them all over the property. They really just make work more fun and we are so happy to have them. It is such an improvement in quality of life having them around everyday.

Audio Visual


When it comes to AV we don't mess around it's more than a passion and the way we pay the bills. We love it   !!!!!!!!!!

There is simply no AV job AVDC cannot handle form Corporate Boardrooms to College Auditoriums and beyond nobody in the DMV does it better than us.And with our overhead so much less than our competitors nobody can compete with our pricing....   Guaranteed.


AVDC has been designing and installing Acoustic solutions for years.Many people sell acoustical prod

AVDC has been designing and installing acoustical products for years.There seems to be a never ending of supply of companies that sell the products but simply do not install them.Well that's not the case here,  From Large auditoriums to small huddle rooms AVDC can provide you with complete Acoustical services it's one of our favorite job types.

Why we are different


We actually love what we do and it's all we do " After years I can say we know who we are and we know what we are doing. We don't try to be this giant global company so many would like you to believe they are.  We are not a jack of all trades company which seems  to be the current trend. We do AV and Acoustics and we do it great.  That's alot of We's